Social Media Marketing course for those who change the world and society in public space



29 June - 3 July
SMM. Jazz course is designed for employees of human rights organizations and civil society activists. Participants will be able to improve their skills in creating effective communication and promotion.
We know what challenges SMM specialists and activists of human rights projects have to face, including hard and even painful topics that are difficult to talk about in public, lack of time and human resources.
If you work for a Human Rights organization or are engaged in civic activism, then most likely you need to communicate with people using social media, expand the audience reach of projects, and create cool and creative content for successful growth. If you relate to these points, then this course is for you.

Who is this course for?

What will you learn?

You will learn how to create an effective communication strategy based on your capabilities and strengths.
You will be able to:
Find, understand and engage your audience
Create relevant content in story and video formats
Promote your projects
Understand the rules and algorithms of social networks - from Facebook to TikTok
Fill out the form by June 14 – we will invite successful candidates for an interview with the course authors.
How to participate?

How to participate?

Who are trainers?

Hello. I am Zlata Ponirovskaya and I work every day. (I would like to finish on this, but the editor does not allow it) So, firstly, I am working to ensure that the center of the educational process in the media school is not teachers, and not our brilliant content, but students.

I am the author of the course and book "Marketing in Social Networks", courses "Video for Social Networks" and "Instagram for Post-Apocalypse". My CV includes managing a marketing agency, consulting and creating smm departments for various well-known projects and companies. My portfolio includes Novaya Gazeta, VTB24,, Article 19, and many, many others. When my agency had to grow rapidly, I started training new hires in a "combat environment." In parallel with my main work, I taught classes at HSE, at the British School of Design, and studied the Kaospilot methodology.

Incredibly, now the most precious thing in my portfolio is not famous organizations and businesses, but the graduates of the Prague Media School, great people who are changing the complex digital reality for the better.

SMM expert
Hi! My name is Katerina Avdeyeva. I have been working in SMM and new media for 10 years, teaching for 3 years. I can design websites and subscriptions, analyze audiences, reduce the price of a contact by 10 times, attract leads and convert them into sales. Target, analytics, hypotheses and tests are all about me. And also, according to feedback, I am the favorite teacher among the students of the Prague School, which means that I can tell you how everything is done, and it will be interesting and easy for you to do it.
SMM specialist, Prague School trainer
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