Online trainings

We invite human rights defenders and activists to take part in a series of short trainings that will help to learn more about international and national legal norms regulating the digital space, as well as the challenges and threats that human rights defenders may face while working on social media.
online, 5th and 12th of august, 2021

"Digital rights and legal security" TRAINING

Training participants will learn about what digital rights and freedoms are and how they are regulated by international and Kazakhstan's law. This will help them ensure their own information security and protect the rights of their audience.

"hate speech" training

Human rights defenders and activists will learn to avoid the use of hate speech, avoid the use of clichés and stereotypes in their information materials, and also get acquainted with ethical aspects that will help them manage their social networks.
ONLINE, 23th of september and 14th OF OCTOBER, 2021

"Security and cybersecurity" Training

As part of this training, we will offer participants a number of practical tips and tools to help ensure a secure Internet experience.
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