Videoproduction course for those who change the world and society in public space


Videos for social media

The course was designed specifically for employees of human rights organizations and civil society activists who want to understand videoproduction and get acquainted with the basic principles of repackaging content.

The course program consisted of two parts: creative, within which the participants were producing, starting from script to choosing a platform for publication; and technical, in which they edited video or infographics for their project.
If you need the resources spent on production to "pay off" by the results obtained - views, engagement, the number of new donations, in other words, if you want to create video content that really works for your project, then this course was for you.

Who was this course for?

What did the participants learn?

  • Write technical specifications, write scripts and storyboards (and generally plan ahead)
  • Learn how to work with fonts and titles to make your video look professional
  • Mount on smartphone and desktop. You will assemble your Toolbox for editing, animation and infographics
  • Choose the format suitable for your project - explainer, promo, reportage, vlog
  • Navigate the algorithms and rules for publishing on different platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook)
  • Speak the same language with operators, mooshers, sound designers, hosts of live broadcasts (and you will be able to set tasks for them)
If you already have a specific task in front of you, then in the process of learning you can start solving it: invent, shoot and assemble your own explainer, advertisement or announcement, make captions and bring the logo to life.

Who were training?

Hi, I'm Olga Pokatilova, a videographer and motion designer with 10 years of experience. At the intensive school we will begin to animate and understand that it is not difficult. We will work with editing programs, and you will make your first video clips. I will show you how to do projects quickly, on your own and at a decent level. I have developed a special package of presets for the course, so you can work with them and pass them on to your colleagues.
Videographer and motion designer
Hello. I am Zlata Ponirovskaya and I work every day. (I would like to finish on this, but the editor does not allow it) So, firstly, I am working to ensure that the center of the educational process in the media school is not teachers, and not our brilliant content, but students.

I am the author of the course and book "Marketing in Social Networks", courses "Video for Social Networks" and "Instagram for Post-Apocalypse". My CV includes managing a marketing agency, consulting and creating smm departments for various well-known projects and companies. My portfolio includes Novaya Gazeta, VTB24,, Article 19, and many, many others. When my agency had to grow rapidly, I started training new hires in a "combat environment." In parallel with my main work, I taught classes at HSE, at the British School of Design, and studied the Kaospilot methodology.

Incredibly, now the most precious thing in my portfolio is not famous organizations and businesses, but the graduates of the Prague Media School, great people who are changing the complex digital reality for the better.
SMM expert
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